Multiplayer Browser Games

For solitaire games, see solitaire-browser-games.html

Thing URL What
Codenames 4+ player team based word clue game. incredible
Scattergories online scattergories in a simple UI
Internet Scrabble Club scrabble
PlayOK many classic card and board games
Sketchful drawing and guessing game
Neptune's Pride 4x strategy game with an emphasis on diplimacy. v v good
TypeRacer cool keyboard typing racing game against others
Board Game Arena only have to pay $ if you wanna create tables on "premium games"
Backstabbr og diplomacy clone
Pretend You're Xyzzy Cards Against Humanity clone
lichess online chess. very clean UI. v solid mobile app, too
Cardzmania another clean classical card game site
Curve Fever Pro multiplayer snake w/ powerups